Vehicle Policies

Supporting your vechile insurance

Spaulding Insurance can help with all of your vehicle insurance needs.

Automobile and Truck Insurance:

We are knowledgeable in all of changing vehicle insurance laws and the ever changing insurance industry. We understand that a consumer can be easily confused. When purchasing your personal auto insurance from Spaulding Insurance, you will deal with the same experienced Customer Service Representative each time you call. We will make sure you both understand what you are purchasing and assist you in purchasing the most intelligent product.

Antique Vehicle Insurance:

The specialized antique Insurance regulations are important to understand so you get the coverage you need and not the coverage an insurance agent wants to sell you. We know how to match your needs to the products available out there.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance:

Commercial vehicles are many businesses most important asset. We know how to maximize that asset and protect it with the best insurance products for the best prices. Learn how to protect your vehicles while also protecting your business.